About Us

Graystone Farm has been in business serving Rockingham and neighboring counties since 1994. The farm is owned and operated by Mike & Denise (Stone) Bailey and daughter Lori, who graduated from NC State University with a degree in Agriculture Education and Agribusiness Management.

Greetings from Denise: Although our current business began in 1994, our family’s history on this farm goes back much farther. The Stone family is a 4th generation farm family living on this same farm since the early 1900‘s. The farm was initially a tobacco farm and some of the land is still used for crops today. I grew up working side by side with my parents and brother in the fields. It was hard work but I loved the farm life and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to grow up here on the farm. When we were kids, in our free time we loved to explore the woods and creeks on the farm either by hiking or riding our ponies. That connection with nature and farm life is something that defines who I am and will always be a huge part of my life. Now I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my love and appreciation of farm life with kids today. I love teaching the kids to ride and instilling in them a love and respect of, not only horses and ponies, but all animals. At camps we hike the very same trails that my brother and I did as kids. I get to show and teach the campers a lot of the same things that my Dad taught me.

It was always a dream of mine as a child growing up on the farm to have a horse related business some day. I have a sign that hangs over the computer in my office which has always been my motto. It reads: Dreams Come True If You Work While You Dream.

Yes, dreams really do come true, and I’m living mine!!

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